Saturday, August 8, 2009

Full Moon Dates for 2009 and 2010


Day Date Month Time
Sunday 11 January 03:28
Monday 9 February 14:51
Wednesday 11 March 02:40
Thursday 9 April 14:58
Saturday 9 May 04:03
Sunday 7 June 18:13
Tuesday 7 July 09:23
Thursday 6 August 00:57
Friday 4 September 16:05
Sunday 4 October 06:11
Monday 2 November 19:15
Wednesday 2 December 07:33
Thursday 31 December 19:15


Day Date Month Time
Saturday 30 January 06:19
Sunday 28 February 16:40
Tuesday 30 March 02:28
Wednesday 28 April 12:21
Thursday 27 May 23:09
Saturday 26 June 11:32
Monday 26 July 01:38
Tuesday 24 August 17:06
Thursday 23 September 09:19
Saturday 23 October 01:38
Sunday 21 November 17:28
Tuesday 21 December 08:15

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rock Painting

One of the craft activities that we did at our Stroud Retreat this year was some simple but wonderful rock painting organised by the lovely Jen. A few of us took a short wander to find some suitable rocks and then sat together in the warmth of the winter afternoon sun letting the feel of the rocks and the colours of the paints be the tools by which our creativity flowed.

That afternoon saw the birth of Helen's Stroud symbol (pictured above), which is truly inspired - as are all of Helen's symbols, the awakening of Rachel's totally amazing eye ("see" below) and many other beautiful creations - all made with just rocks, paint and the unique talents of each individual.

It was such a grounding and theraputic activity, and one that I have since done with my three kids, which we all enjoyed even across our varied age groups.

This is a picture of one of the rocks I painted at Stroud - this one is my Kora rock:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Priapic Wand

My Imbolc craft this year is a Priapic wand, which is named after Priapus, the Roman God of fertility and procreation. This wand symbolises the lord of the forest / Pan / the green man and shaking it and pointing at plants and trees is said to wake them up from their winter's sleep so that they can witness the union of the bride and lord of the forest. It is used as a magical means to assist in the fertilisation of the plants and all that grows in nature so that when spring time comes the world with be bright with blooming flowers and growth.

You will need:

  • a stick to use as the main part of the wand
  • an acorn or pine cone
  • yellow, green and gold ribbons
  • glue gun and craft glue
To make the wand:

Attach the flat end of the acorn or pine cone to the end of the wand using glue and by tying ribbon around the base of the acorn or pine cone and then again around the wand. Tie ribbons to the other end of the wand and attach bells to the end of the ribbons. It may help to make ridges in the wand wherever you will be attaching ribbons. Here is a picture of my completed wand: