Friday, September 24, 2010

Ostara - 2010

Ostara this year in the southern hemisphere was on 23 September, which was also the time of the full moon and, for those interested in astrology, coincides with the activation of the cardinal cross that began around the time of the winter solstice (google for further info or I really love Divine Harmony's take on all things astrological and how they influence us as individuals).

On a personal level, I have chosen this time to formally dedicate myself to a further year and a day study on a predominately solitary path. This is something I felt would be the case when I completed my second year and a day of study and now it seems that the timing is perfect on every level for this to begin.

So, last night I performed my dedication ritual, took my vows and am progressing the work which has been motioning slowly forward but which is now ready to build momentum as it integrates further into my life.

Some of the things that are now part of my studies are the two new blogs I set up recently. Please feel free to check them out and see if there is anything there of interest...

One Card For Kora - this is usually short posts with a few thoughts on tarot card I choose each day.
Kora's View - this is just a random photo of something I decided to photograph whenever the mood takes me

I will still be updating my original blog Curiouser and Curiouser which seems to have developed into mostly cryptic and ambiguous outpourings of some of the rabble that is chatter of my mind.

With that shameless self-promotion aside, here are some photos of my altar from last night.