Friday, August 24, 2012


The earth is quickening
and our spirit answers from within.

Here in the southern hemisphere we are crawling out from beneath the veil the covers our existence during the winter. The signs of the upcoming spring are everywhere and this year there are days that even smell like summer already.

And, the divine within each of us experiences these changes and answers as to a call. But, this year the call is stronger. Also, it seems the call is louder, or broader, or whatever it is that increases the amount of people it touches and the intensitiy of the caress.

What are you feeling around you?


Rob-bear said...

The world is changing. We are getting ready for winter up here. I have no idea what the long-term prospects will be.

There is a deep sense of foreboding up here for many people. The U.S. election is coming, including the election of a President. I have come to realize that the two major parties are pretty much the same — corrupt to the core, with very little difference in political philosophy.