Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spell To Attract Garden Fairies

The task was to create a spell that used the herb thyme and this is the result...

Many fairies are friendly and their presence can enhance a garden by creating a feel of magic, charm, kindness and love, which will, in turn, permeate through the plants and flowers that grow there. If you wish to attract fairies to a garden, this spell can invite them but if you fill your garden with bright and interesting things, the fairies will also be more likely to stay.

You will need:

  • 12 rocks or crystals of approximately 1 inch diameter and one larger rock or crystal
  • 13 bright flowers, preferably ones that are from the garden where you are wishing to attract fairies to
  • Up to 13 small fairy statuettes or charms (can have less if necessary)
  • 13 sprigs of thyme
  • A protection amulet
This spell should be performed at dusk and works best at Beltane (31 October in the Southern Hemisphere, 30 April in the Northern Hemisphere) as this is when the veil between the human world and the fairy world is at its thinnest.

Choose a small area in your garden where you will conduct the spell. You will need to have a cleared area where you will be laying out the items listed above as well as a place for yourself that is in reach of this area.

Sit comfortably and take three deep breaths. Take your protection amulet and hold it in your left hand. Extend your right hand with your palm turned upwards and say:

As the time of dusk draws nigh
Tis soon a time when fae shall fly
Which may, I know, bring treats or tricks
One may not always sure predict
So in this charm I do direct
The power and purpose to protect
Ill-willed spirits cannot linger
Once I draw this symbol with my finger

Draw the symbol on the protection amulet in the air with the finger of your right hand or an invoking fire pentagram (from air to fire to spirit to earth to water to air) if there is no symbol on the amulet. Put the amulet on.

The next step is to form a circle on the ground with the twelve smaller rocks or crystals. Say the following for each of the rocks or crystals as you place them on the ground:

Fairies sit at a fairy seat
Soon the fairies here will meet

Place the larger rock or crystal in the centre of the circle and say:

The Fairy Queen presides within
Surrounded by her fairy kin

Next, place a flower on each of the rocks or crystals and say the following for each setting:

This fairy throne I now adorn
The fairy spirit is reborn

A sprig of thyme should then be placed on each flower with the following words:

By thyme I call the fairy folk
And fairy magic thus invoke

Take a few moments to sit peacefully and meditate on the fairy ring. Listen carefully for the fairy footsteps that may be heard on the leaves and in the breeze as the fairies start to dance closer and closer.

When you are ready, place a fairy statuette or charm on or next to a fairy setting in the circle and say the following:

A fairy ring this does resemble
As the fairies here assemble

Repeat until all fairy statuettes or charms have taken their place in the fairy ring. You may wish to meditate for a few more moments before saying:

Now the circle is complete
A welcome place for fae to meet
I bid you enter full of grace
To work good magic in this place

Stay by the circle until all of the light has gone from the sky then go quietly leaving the fairy ring intact.

In the morning, take each of the fairy statuettes or charms and place them throughout the garden, under plants and leaves, on top of rocks, hanging from branches etc.