Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Night Sleeping Spell

Bad dreams? Insomnia? Restless, interrupted sleep? Try this Good Night Sleeping Spell and allow the magic within to help you get a good night’s sleep.

You Will Need:

  • Dried chamomile
  • Bowl
  • Pentacle
  • Sea salt
  • Boiled water (slightly cooled but still hot)
  • Feather
  • White pillar candle
  • White pillow slip
  • Small pouch (white, blue or black, perhaps with a star pattern etc)

On a night during the waning moon (so, between the full moon and the dark moon), take all items outside and sit quietly for a few moments then say:

As the Goddess is my witness
I seek a greater peace
From my conscious mind
To which I bind
At the times I should release

Let the light of blessed darkness
Be directed this way hence
That I may sleep
Each night so deep
When I’m ready to commence

Place the pentacle in the bowl and say:

My body seeks a wholeness
With my spirit and my soul
This symbol base
In love and grace
Shall aid me in my goal

Sprinkle sea salt in the bowl and say:

The earth compels a nearness
Represented by this salt
To cleanse and heal
And truth reveal
Acknowledged without fault

Wave the feather over the bowl and say:

The air creates a clearness
Represented by this feather
Of mind and thought
And learning sought
Working here together

Pour the water into the bowl and say:

The water shines with cleanness
Represented by this liquid
Pure once more
Each drop I pour
Negativity here I forbid

Place the candle in the bowl, light it and say:

The fire instils a boldness
Represented by this flame
Our passion deep
For restful sleep
To which I now lay claim

Place the pillow slip in the bowl so it is completely submerged in the water loosely around the base of the candle being careful to avoid the flame then place three pinches of chamomile in the bowl and say:

The chamomile invokes a calmness
Instilled into this weave
That sleep may come
When each day is done
And a restful night I will receive

Spend some time staring into the flame of the candle while filling yourself with a feeling of calm as you visualise yourself lying peacefully in your bed getting a good night’s sleep. Inhale the smell of the chamomile and create a connection to that scent within you.

When you are ready, extinguish the candle with a few drops of the water from the bowl. Wring out the pillow slip, pour the remaining water and any salt from the bowl onto the ground and say:

As the Goddess is my witness
I am thankful for this rite
That brings me peace
And sweet release
As I lay down to sleep each night

Allow the pillow slip and the chamomile in the small pouch to dry (it may not be able to be used that night) then put the pillow slip over your pillow and the pouch inside the pillow slip. As you drift off to sleep, inhale the fragrance of the chamomile and think about when you performed the spell then enjoy a wonderful, restful night's sleep.