Monday, January 11, 2010

Parsley Spell for Cleansing and Strengthening

sThere are several ways this spell can be used:
* Use every day for one moon cycle starting on the day after the moon is 100% full. During the waning moon, focus mainly on the cleansing aspects while building on the strengthening aspects once the moon begins waxing.
* Use by night at the full moon to increase the intensity of the spell.
* Use at dawn as a great way to start the day.
* Use at spring as part of an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ strategy.

You will need a knife, preferably your boline if you have one, and a small container of water. Moon water would be ideal however any pure, clean water can be used. The water should be consecrated and ready for magical use.

The spell should be performed while wearing white clothing or it can be done sky clad. The intention is to cleanse your body of negative or dormant energy and allow it to be filled with positivity and strength.

Kneel before the parsley plant, breathe deeply three times then say:

Plant of cleansing, plant of strength
Parsley from the Goddess sent
I ask her now for but a length
That her powers may be lent

Carefully cut one sprig of parsley and say:

Thanks to the Goddess, blessed be.

Place the sprig of parsley in the water. Using your athame or your finger, stir the parsley in the water three times then say:

Heed the flower, bush and tree
The cleansing power of parsley
I take within and focus true
That I soon may feel renewed
My health and strength in great reserve
Day by day will be preserved
My soul once heavy now set free
By the lady, blessed be

Eat the sprig of parsley.