Friday, June 26, 2009

9 - Hermit

For those who calculate their major arcana card by their birthday as 9 The Hermit:

The Hermit represents inner reflection. He sits alone, deep in silent meditation, focused purely on his thoughts. He has separated himself from the physical world but still sits above the darkest depths of his thoughts (rather than being encompassed by the shadows of his mind) while his is illuminated by the gentle glow of the orb on top of his wand. In some decks, this wand is replaced by a lantern that illuminates a path, which is symbolic of the Hermit always working towards a positive outcome as a result of his seclusion and meditations - these are not tools of escape for the Hermit but are a healthy exploration.

Introspection allows the Hermit to take a step back from situations, which often allows for greater perspective. It can also provide a much needed moment of respite where one is feeling overloaded. One could liken this to a period of hibernation (that sounds like you, Rob-bear) and he will resurface feeling rejuvenated and restored.

The Hermit is gentle and thoughtful. He is prepared to make the effort required to work through situations, even if it does not seem immediately apparent to those around him that he is moving forward as outwardly he appears so still. He is comfortable spending time in his own mind, but is not necessarily introverted when around others.

The Hermit is capable of great focus in all aspects of his life. He prefers to analyse a situation before taking action, even if this ends up being his first instinct he is more comfortable when not rushed or pressured into decisions.

The lovely and talented Asaya-Ran also has a most excellent post on her blog about the Hermit so for a more thorough insight, pop on over to have a read and why not say 'Hi' while you're there - despite all the dragons around her, she herself does not bite *grin*


Rob-bear said...

Now that IS interesting. As I said in response to Jewell, and now to you, there is something about this information which resonates in me. I have yet to determine the details.

Bear hugs from the pondering Ursus.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Rob. Hope you're finding more and more to think about each day - until nap time, anyway ;-)

Rob-bear said...

Yes, lots to think about. Thanks.