Friday, November 27, 2009

Spellcraft - Healing Old Wounds

Scenario :
You have a 25 year old friend who has recently had a surprise visit from an old boyfriend who had been quite abusive during their short relationship.

Your friend had thought that she was over it all but this chance meeting had bought up some bad feelings for her to a point where she was having bad dreams and it was now disrupting her life. She was feeling scared and fragile and her self esteem had plummeted.

She has come to you for help and asks to create a spell/talisman to help her return to a more stable mindset.

Response :

I have put together a little spell kit and a letter for my friend in response to this scenario. The kit contains the following:
* a pink candle
* a toothpick (to inscribe the candle)
* sweet musk incense oil
* small pink organza pouch containing rosemary and thyme
* sodalite
* rose quartz
* hematite

To My Friend,

This is a difficult time and my heart goes out to you for all of the emotions you have found yourself confronting once again after bumping into your old boyfriend. I remember how you were during your relationship and have seen how much you have strengthened and grown since it ended but I understand that you are still dealing with and trying to work through the pain and hurt you felt during the time you were together. I was very relieved to hear that you have contacted a counsellor and are working through these issues however, as you requested, I have put together a little kit containing a few items that I hope will also be helpful.

The colour pink is used to represent the heart and is the universal colour of love. It is used throughout this spell to restore your ability to love yourself and to feel worthy of love from others. As a result of combining the fiery, lustful colour red and the neutralising and pure colour white, pink is perfect to represent the red passion that brought you and your old boyfriend together initially, as this is an essential and honourable part of who you are, and the white cleansing purity that is needed to restore balance and calm without creating a state where love no longer exists at all.

There are no particular words you need to recite for this spell to work as it is something that works with your heart not your head and I didn’t want you to have to remember more than was necessary. If there is anything that you wish to say as you work through this, please do say it as all words that come from your heart are perfect for this spell.

This spell will work best when performed at night during the new moon or at dawn on a Sunday or Monday as may suit you better. It should be seen as a new beginning as it will help you discard all of the feelings that are no longer honouring you and will prepare you for your new start.

Part One – Candle Dressing

Take the pink candle and inscribe with words that describe the emotions you would like to be feeling – love, confidence, balance, peace, healing, self-worth, beautiful etc. Dress the candle with the sweet musk oil.

The sweet musk works with the positive aspects of love and will remind you that the offering of your heart and love reflects on your strengths, not your weaknesses. It should help you recall sweet and innocent memories and will be used to create a positive association and act as a trigger to provide strength and reassurance any time the negative memories start to re-surface.

Part Two – Purification Bath

Draw a warm bath free from any soaps or other additives and add the herb sachet containing rosemary and thyme to the water. Place the dressed candle in sight of the bath, undress and stand for a few moments just breathing deeply until you feel a sense of peace and calm. Light the candle and get into the bath.

Once in the bath, breathe in the aromas of the rosemary and thyme and know that both of these herbs have powerful protection and purification properties. As you gaze into the flame of the candle, allow all of the negative feelings to flow out of you and direct them towards the flame. It may be painful as each thought rises up within you but know that you are safe where you are and that the flame is accepting those negative thoughts and memories from you and cleansing them in the fire while the rosemary and thyme are doing the same through your physical body. Remember, tears are cleansing also so if they start to flow, just allow them to and think of them the release of all of the pain you have been feeling that is also being accepted by the purification bath and therefore cleansed from within you.

Rosemary is an excellent herb for clearing negative energy and thyme is wonderful for promoting courage. Both are powerful healers and can aid with sleep and preventing bad dreams. They are also perfect herbs for love and even though right now it seems that love has been at the centre of all of your grief and pain, they will actually help you work through this so you will be able to separate from this misconception and to once again see love as the positive experience that it is. Not all offerings of love are meant to be eternal but we can always learn a little more about life from them each time.

Do not allow yourself to spend too much time thinking about the negatives of your past relationship. If you start going over the same events and feelings you know you are ready to move onto the next stage.

As the candle burns, reach out your senses and invite the smell of the sweet musk to come to you. As you start to smell its sweet aroma, start to think of all of the ways that love is wonderful. Think of all of the things about yourself that make you happy. Recall every compliment that you have ever been given. Think about things that you do, things that you wear or things that you own that make you happy and that give you a great feeling about yourself. I know there are many so this should keep you busy for a while. Keep watching the flame of the candle and know that it has burnt away all of the feelings that you no longer need to hang onto and you are ready to be filled once more with all of the feelings that you inscribed on the candle earlier.

Once you feel ready, get out of the bath. At some point in the next 24 hours, remove the used herbs from the bag and bury them in the earth.

Part Three – Crystal Pouch

Take the three crystals from the small pink pouch.

The blue stone is sodalite. It helps to create a sense of emotional balance and calm so will help at any time you feel like you are starting to become emotionally charged over thoughts of your old boyfriend. It also enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust as well as rational thought, objectivity and truth.

The pink stone is rose quartz. It is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace and will work directly with your heart. This stone will help you heal and will also prepare you for future love both from yourself and from others are you move forward.

The dark silver stone is hematite. This stone is a grounding stone and will work to harmonise everything you have done so far as part of this spell with your mind, body and spirit. It is also a great stone for strength, which is something that you have always had but have now been reminded of through the work you have been doing with your counselling and this spell.

Now, dress each of the crystals in the sweet musk oil. Think about their properties as you rub the oil over them and visualise yourself as these properties apply to you while breathing in the sweet smell of the musk.

Place the crystals in the pouch.

Part Four – Maintenance and Completion

Carry the pouch for seven days if you performed it at dawn or 28 days if you performed it during the new moon. If you start to feel doubt or negative feelings about your old boyfriend surface, take the pouch out, close your eyes (ensuring you are in a safe place to do so first i.e. not driving etc) breathe in the sweet musk smell and recall the positive feelings and traits you have been working with during this spell. Place it under your pillow at night so it can also work with your subconscious mind as well as help alleviate any bad dreams. 

At the end of the required period, return the remaining items to me.

If you have any questions or if you would like any clarification, please contact me as soon as possible. I know you will work through this and that all will be well once again soon.

Blessed be, my friend, blessed be ♥
~ Kora ~