Saturday, January 2, 2010

P.A.N. – Pagan Awareness Network

The Pagan Awareness Network (PAN) is an Australian not-for-profit group who work to increase awareness of pagan beliefs and activities. They have a strong and thorough website containing much non-denominational material and information regarding paganism and aim to correct misunderstandings, foster tolerance and assist in the growth of the pagan community.

PAN was started in Australia in early 1997 following the withdrawal of ‘regional controllers’ from the Witches League for Public Awareness (Salem Mass. USA). Not wanting to waste the work that had already been invested, they began with a website and some pamphlets that aimed at demystifying pagans and paganism. The group went on to host Full Moon Circles with the first public circle on 23 March 1997. Such events are still held in Seven Hills, New South Wales. They are predominately a means for like-minded people to make contact with one another and organise pagan moots and gatherings.

Active socially as well as politically, PAN work to promote religious tolerance and have pagans rights recognised in Australian laws and culture. They publish a bi-monthly newsletter called The Small Tapestry and a larger annual newsletter called The Tapestry, which is available to members of the association.