Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a purple to lavender appearance, which is derived from its iron content. It is commonly known for its healing abilities and works most effectively with the brow (third eye) and crown chakras. It is the birthstone of those born in February.

Amethyst is frequently used in its raw form in densely packed geodes of short crystals that point towards the centre of the hollow. While always typically purple in colour, this can range from an almost black intensity through to a subtle, light violet. Amethyst may sometimes be found with a darkened yellowish tinge, known as pineapple amethyst.

Due to its very high vibrations, amethyst is an excellent crystal for working with the third eye and spiritual development. Its ability to enhance intuition by placing it on the forehead or above the crown makes it a popular meditative aid. Chevron amethyst is thought to be the most powerful third eye stimulator.

As a healing and protection stone, amethyst helps to cleanse the aura and brings harmony to the immune system. Its grounding properties make it particularly effective for both spiritual and physical work.

In magic, an amethyst crystal is often used in pendulums or fixed at the end of a wand. Amethyst is associated with the planets Jupiter and Neptune, the element water and the deities Bacchus, Dionysus and Diana. It has the power to enhance dreams, healing, peace, love, courage, happiness, protection and can assist in overcoming alcoholism. Amethyst is also symbolic of commitment in relationships and is the equivalent of rose quartz in its attraction of women when worn by a man.


Shadow said...

thank you! who'd have guessed, i have an amethyst ring... maybe i should wear it more often. yip, i am.

Breeze said...

My favourite beautiful..I knew it was magic!


Hibiscus Moon said...

Amethyst is my favorite too. Its just so beautiful!