Monday, July 6, 2009

Georgian Wicca

Founded in 1970 by George ‘Pat’ Patterson, Georgian Wicca is highly eclectic in that, although it follows many Alexandrian and Gardnerian beliefs and practices, it encourages practitioners to seek their own inner guidance and develop their own rituals. The focus is on ‘whatever works’ for each individual practitioner and while there is solid foundation in tradition, questioning is openly encouraged as a means to greater understanding of the Wiccan path.

According to the Georgian Tradition website, the Georgian Manifesto outlines the aims and purposes of the Georgians as follows:

* to honor the Gods of the Old Religion,
* to aid the members to progress and improve themselves mentally, physically and spiritually;
* to work magick for the benefit of members and any others who may seek out aid for right purposes;
* to aid others in learning the Craft who truly desire the knowledge of the Craft for proper reasons;
* to combat the untruths and to spread the truth about the Craft to those outside the Craft;
* to work for peace, harmony, and unity among the various branches of the Craft;
* to work for a better understanding of and a better relationship between man and nature.

Georgian Wicca includes an initiatory system and require covens to be lead by a High Priestess or High Priest who is at least a third degree initiate according to the Georgian Council of Elders. The actual details of the initiatory system are covered in secrecy, which all Georgian Wiccans are oath bound to protect. The Georgian Tradition is usually passed from male to female and female to male.

Georgian Wiccans follow the path of the God and Goddess and celebrate the eight sabbats. Circles are usually by invitation only, often choosing to work sky clad. Although George Patterson passed away in 1984, current members span the United States, Europe and Australia.


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I haven't heard of them before. I like their aims and purposes. Clear and beautiful, especially the last one.

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